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Flossing While Wearing Braces

Braces are good for re-aligning teeth and improving overall dental health, but they can make caring for your teeth complicated and very frustrating. The main concern when wearing braces tends to be maintaining decent dental care.  Flossing with braces on can be a very tough activity. But, since food can get lodged in your braces, it is even more important to floss your teeth daily. Luckily, there are dental products that can help you floss even with braces on. flossing dental braces

Floss Threaders are one option. They are made of a rigid floss and work similar to a sewing needle. You start by pulling dental floss through the loop of the threader and tying it in a knot to secure. You then put the straight end underneath the wire of your braces and pull until the floss is all the way through. The floss should be behind your braces now and you can continue to floss normally. This should get a lot of the food and plaque out.

The FlossFish is a tool a small tool that is similar in size to a toothpick. It is used by slipping one end of a piece of dental floss through a small hole in the tip of the FlossFish. You then hold the floss against the FlossFish and insert it under the wire between each bracket. This should then release the stuck food and plaque.

These are just two of the many solutions out there to help in properly maintaining good oral health when you have braces on. For more information on these products and techniques and to see which version is right for you contact your local Gentle Dental Orthodontist or Dentist at 1-888-513-7436.

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