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The Importance In The Way You Use Your Toothbrush

Choosing the right toothbrush can sometimes be difficult. There has become such a variety to choose from when your in a drug or grocery store. Different colors, different bristles, manual, electric, battery operated. If you feel overwhelmed you are not alone.

According to many dental experts, the problem does not lie in the toothbrush you choose. but whether you are using it correctly. In general the average consumer typically chooses a manual toothbrush with soft bristles and with a head size that fits comfortably into the mouth.  But many people don’t brush regularly, thoroughly and properly and a manuel toothbrush may not be very effective. brushing teeth

If you have excess plaque buildup, experts recommend switching to the electric toothbrush, which is more efficient in removing debris from in between the teeth. An electric toothbrush is able to cleanse the more thoroughly within a shorter time than the regular manual brush.

People with limited hand dexterity, should also choose the electric brush as it helps getting to hard to reach areas. There isn’t a big difference between the vibrating and the rotating head brushes. They usually perform the same job, only in different ways.

While it is extremely important to brush your teeth for at least twice a day for at least two minutes  you should also pay attention to brushing for the same amount of time each quadrant of the mouth. Just because one side of the mouth is clean doesn’t mean the other side necessarily is.

For help in choosing the right toothbrush for you and your family and assistance in learning how to properly brush your teeth call your local Gentle Dental dentist at  1-888-513-7436.

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