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Dental Implant Special

If you are of good general oral health but  have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or for some other reason then dental implants maybe a good option for you. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a periodontist or oral surgeon places into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are so natural-looking and feeling, you may forget you ever lost a tooth!Implants-Coupon

Your teeth can affect how you feel about yourself both personally and professionally. If you have spaces in your mouth between your teeth you may not feel secure and confident and may hide your smile. But with dental implants your smile can look and feel just like your own! In addition dental implants are actually more cost-saving than traditional bridgework, since implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. Plus with proper care they will usually last a lifetime.

Gentle Dental wants to make sure everyone has a great smile. Now for a limited time you can save $600 when getting a dental implant by one of our Oral Surgeons or Periodontists. Plus the consultation is free! But don’t wait to long as this exclusive offer expires April 30th, 2012!

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Oral Care For Children

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Did you know that tooth decay affects children in the United States more than any other chronic infectious disease? Untreated tooth decay causes pain and infection which can lead to  many other everyday problems for kids including speaking and learning deficiencies.

The good news is that tooth decay and other oral diseases that can affect children are preventable. The combination of dental sealants and fluoride has the potential to nearly eliminate tooth decay in school-age children.  However, if your children are younger than 7, you should only give them a pea sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride on their tooth brush as too much fluoride can be toxic for a child’s health. Dental sealants is always another way to help protect children’s teeth from decay.  Lastly, regular dental checkups and cleanings are a must for a child’s dental hygiene.

Gentle Dental knows dental care for your children can become expensive so we are here to help! For just $49, your child (14 and under) can see one of our pediatric specialists at one of our South Florida locations and get a full oral exam that includes a comprehensive examination, x-rays, oral hygiene instructions, a full cleaning and fluoride treatment.  A savings of $407!  This offer is for new patients only and you must present this coupon when making an appointment. Hurry this offer is only valid until November 30th, 2011 so make your appointment today by calling 1-888-513-7436.

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